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Remembering Sheena, always in our hearts

I snapped this photo of my only daughter Sheena Marie Amelia Villa on her 25th, and last, birthday, March 23, 2006, just hours before she was violently killed by Gross McGinley Partner Attorney Donald LaBarre's son Robert LaBarre who it would take DA Jim Martin 2.5 months to arrest, see TV news coverage. Robert LaBarre subsequently went AWOL on an unauthorized 10-day vacation to Belize, Central America and for which there were no consequences whatsoever from Judge Robert L. Steinberg (no bail revocation, no incarceration, no stern words, no nothing) and longtime Gross McGinley media client The Morning Call curiously refused to report on any aspect of this apparent crony-crooked colluding corruption/favoritism or incompetence.

This was an eye-opening experience for me.

There would be lots more dirty dealing truth concealing & political punishing for me to outmaneuver & vanquish in the months & years ahead in winning table scrap of justice for Sheena and her family, all of which I am greatly looking forward to exposing comprehensively again, this time for a judge and a jury, during the in-progress civil litigation Martin vs. Villa, as part of an ongoing tribute to Sheena Villa who should have been shown more respect by our local media and justice systems.


Lying DA Jim Martin Blinks ... and Sues Me

Read Morning Call story, hear WAEBV shows @ YouTube

"Mr. Martin, with his latest nonsense/vendetta litigation, is attempting to silence my free speech -- free speech that includes verifiable facts and my opinions. If the first judge who sees this malicious and vexatious farce doesn't toss it, I intend to pulverize Mr. Martin in court." -Bill Villa, quoted in The Morning Call | February 11, 2015
[Feb 16, 2016] Read UpDated Editorial in The Vermont Sun
Read eye-opening editorial in The Vermont Eagle on DA Jim Martin's malicious muzzling of my free speech at WAEB. Hear my WAEB shows @ YouTube. 

Double Trouble: Judge Platt & DA Martin

"... Rot at Core of Lehigh County Criminal Justice ..." -By Irvin Muchnick

Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka Is Dead. But the Corrupt Cop and District Attorneys Who Let Snuka Off the Hook in Nancy Argentino’s Death Live On. -By Irvin Muchnick, Concussion, Inc.

Allegations of conflicts and influence-peddling in the Lehigh County District Attorney's Office are as old as the Jimmy Snuka murder cold case itself  -By Irvin Muchnick, Concussion, Inc.

Story Update | Exclusive: DA Jim Martin was first assistant DA under DA Platt when Jimmy Snuka wasn't charged in 1983 -By Irvin Muchnick, Concussion, Inc.

Story Update | Why the Jimmy Snuka Murder Case Prosecutor's Gag Order Worked -By Irvin Muchnick, Concussion, Inc.
Read Max Mitchell's exposé on DA Jim Martin's malicious muzzling of my free speech at WAEB in Philadelphia's The Legal Intelligencer. Hear my WAEB shows @ YouTube. 

My Case for a DUI Third Degree Murder Charge for Sheena's Killer Robert LaBarre

See 7 relevant PA DUI/Third Degree Murder casesall 7 convictions were upheld on appeal. I made this same case to DA Jim Martin and Judge Robert Steinberg, repeatedly, in 2006, on behalf of Sheena.  

Commonwealth vs. Kling
Commonwealth vs. Urbanski
Commonwealth vs. Pigg
Commonwealth vs. Scales
Commonwealth vs. Levin
Commonwealth vs. Dunphy
Commonwealth vs. Thompson

" ... the mens rea [necessary element] for third degree murder is malice, the definition of which is well settled: Malice consists of a "wickedness of disposition, hardness of heart, cruelty, recklessness of consequences, and a mind regardless of social duty, although a particular person may not be intended to be injured...." "Malice may be found where the defendant consciously disregarded an unjustified and extremely high risk that his actions might cause serious bodily injury." -Levin

[Video] Watch Lehigh County District Attorney James B. Martin inadvertently admit Robert LaBarre's third degree murder malice on CBS-3 Philadelphia, see the 1:31 mark at "Sheena Villa" where an uncharacteristically unscripted DA Jim Martin says,  "I think that there will be evidence that, that, will indicate that both he [i.e., a surviving backseat passenger] and Miss Villa, uh, cautioned LaBarre to slow down."

Allentown Police Department Arresting Officer Kevin Kennedy's Crash Reconstruction Report indicates that Robert LaBarre never braked before crashing, airborne, into a tree on the other side of a 35MPH residential street at a determined minimum crash speed of 85MPH, killing Sheena Villa. That is tangible and palpable proof that Robert LaBarre consciously disregarded an unjustified and extremely high risk that his actions might cause serious bodily injury. Robert LaBarre disregarded (for an estimated 30 seconds) his two passengers' screams to slow down. Like Kling, Urbanski, Pigg, Scales, Levin, Dunphy, and Thompson, Robert LaBarre should have been charged with, and convicted of, the crime he committed: third degree murder. 

DA Jim Martin "passed" on a slam dunk DUI third degree murder case against Gross McGinley partner attorney Don LaBarre's son Robert LaBarre. Why? FYI, Gross McGinley partner attorney and "Democrat" Mal Gross is a cash contributing member of Republican DA Jim Martin's Reelection Campaign Host Committee and represents The Morning Call "newspaper" and Gross McGinley partner attorney Patrick J. Reilly represents both Robert LaBarre and DA Jim Martin. Additionally, Gross McGinley partner attorneys who are regular and generous campaign contributors to DA Jim Martin include Paul McGinley, Patrick Reilly, J. Jackson Eaton, III, Victor Cavacini, and Howard Stevens  [Source: Lehigh County Campaign Finance Reports] so you connect the dots.

DA Jim Martin refused to charge Robert LaBarre with third degree murder, despite the merit of the charge, and in spite of Sheena's family's pleadings that he do so. By charging only Vehicular Homicide While DUI, DA Jim Martin reduced what could and should have been a 20 to 40 year state prison sentence for Robert LaBarre ... to only 5.5 years. Sheena deserved more time than that; here's how you can help us get Sheena more time.

Listen to my nearly 3 hours of additional defamation-free Facts & Truth Exposé on DA Jim Martin, Gross McGinley, and The Morning Call at WAEBV @ YouTube w/ more coming.

Read Related Story > Debbie Garlicki's Lehigh Valley Hospital Blame Game & DUI Death Cover-Up



A heartfelt thank you to the many who are emailing WAEB's requesting my return to their airwaves. I, too, am hoping they do the right thing. -Bill Villa

"Absolutely I can see you back on the air with Bobby again."
-Craig Stevens, WAEB Operations Mgr., 8/14/14 phone call

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UpDate: 8/14/14 WAEB seemingly calls DA Jim Martin's "defamation" bluff (time will tell), for more info, see My Facebook Page

UpDate: On August 1, 2014, Lehigh County District Attorney James B. Martin through the Philadelphia law firm of Sprague & Sprague notified Clear Channel Communications, WAEB, and yours truly of his intention to maybe sue us for "defamation" re: "Broadcasts on WAEB About James B. Martin." Obviously, we've hit a nerve as DA Martin's reelection approaches next year. And just as obviously, DA Martin is bluffing. To prove defamation, he'll need to prove I told lies on the air knowing they were lies. I didn't do that. Ironically, DA Jim Martin knows he's lying about "defamation," since everything I've said on WAEB is true, verifiably factual, and/or my opinion, commonly (and legally) known as free speech, first amendment. DA Jim Martin may succeed in spooking Clear Channel and WAEB into never having me back on the air, to avoid costly litigation. I hope this doesn't turn out to be the case as I've thoroughly enjoyed my on-air rapport with Bobby Gunther Walsh; it's been terrific talk radio. But if Clear Channel/WAEB does throw me under the bus, I'll find another forum for de-throning Jim Martin in 2015, as I counter-sue him for frivolous, vexatious, and malicious litigation. So far, I'm undefeated in court. DA Jim Martin isn't. 


Together, we can de-throne crooked and incompetent Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin next election and trigger significant personnel housecleanings at The Morning Call "newspaper," 69 "News," and The "Express"-Times for the betterment of the Lehigh Valley. We deserve better justice systems locally, and better media coverage. What we have, far too frequently, is justice denied and crony-crooked and colluding truth concealing about it. I've experienced this first-hand via my daughter Sheena's killing, and for the past 8 years have been compiling other cases. There's a whole lot to expose. My thanks to Bobby Gunther Walsh, WAEB, and Clear Channel Communications for having the courage to put Bill Villa Facts & Truth on the air, regularly. See LVS's right sidebar content for upcoming topics and stay tuned for my next shows.


Friday, December 2, 2016

Who is Libelous Cyber Stalking Harasser Jeffrey Anthony, Synaptic "Consulting?"

Jeffrey Anthony is ...

* a jealous cousin (he's my mother's sister's son)

* obsessed with a 2009 jury damages award regarding the wrongful death of my daughter Sheena

* related (on his father's side) to Bill Villa volunteer defense witness Lehigh County Judge Jim Anthony

* longtime unemployed/self-"employed"/failed entrepreneur

* unstable, heavy drinker

blocked/banned & deleted @ countless Facebook pages for harassment, employment sabotage, and libel

* narcissistic sociopath (grandiose, charming, manipulative, violates others)

* enlisted as an affiant (potential witness) by DA Jim Martin

* currently (and since September 2015) endeavoring illegally to destroy me (unsuccessfully)

* illegal endeavors to date include providing false evidence and employment sabotage, criminal harassment, filing a false 911 report (normally a felony), and libel

* appears to be working for losing "defamation" litigant DA Jim Martin [Related Story

* appears to be enjoying complicit "cover" from The Morning Call "newspaper," The "Express" Times, and 69 "News," the Office of the District Attorney, and the Allentown Police Department 


* UpDate: Jeffrey Anthony "launches" libelous postcard direct mail smear campaign on January 16, MLK Day, national holiday, no mail delivery, Jim Martin & Jeffrey Anthony, perfect together

Friday, December 25, 2015

Welcome email from astute reader

Bill, I spent some time reading stuff on your website, and I must confess, that even knowing beforehand how rotten and how corrupt some of our local officials are, I was still very shocked at their level of depravity and lack of compassion regarding the loss of your daughter. Their comments are staggering, and their emotional intelligence low. But for the grace of God, there go they (not a threat). I am so sorry that you guys had to suffer the painful onslaught of their evil words, in addition to the loss of someone who obviously meant so much to you. Again, I am just floored. I had no idea that there seems to be no depth to the level of their evil. Hang in there. It's amazing that you have still tried to bring about positive change, while confronting such horrific individuals. [Author's name withheld via mutual agreement, amplifying links added by LVS w/ author's approval]

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Judge Robert L. Steinberg spews sore loser racist rant at Andrew Gesslein sentencing

Dec 14, 2015 UpDate: Steinberg Pulls Off Travesty Of Justice 

Dec 10, 2014 UpDate: PA Superior Court Reverses Wrong Ruling by Judge Steinberg

June 17, 2014 UpDate: A new low for the Lehigh County "justice" system 

March 17, 2014 UpDate: A new low for Morning Call "newspaper" "reporter" Kevin Amerman 

November 15, 2013 UpDate: Read Judge Steinberg's disjointed, illogical, poorly written, and emotionally un-hinged "opinion" (Search "Andrew Gesslein") Andrew Gesslein  

November 9, 2013 UpDate: New trial for security guard who killed rapper  

September 3, 2013 UpDate: Hellbent on freeing Michael Randolph's jury-convicted murderer Andrew Gesslein, Judge Steinberg refuses to recuse himself

June 28 UpDate: LVS Exposé Influence > DA wants Steinberg off appeals in guard's manslaughter case  -The Morning Call, see: Related Story and read more at my Facebook page.  

[June 12] 
Judge Steinberg:

Regarding Michael Randolph’s remorseless killer Andrew Gesslein, your only job on June 11, 2013 was to sentence Gesslein and to punish him for the crime a jury found him guilty of.

Instead, you decided to attack and punish the deceased victim, Michael Randolph, and his grieving family.

I was there and I was shocked by your cruelty.

Judge reluctantly sends guard to prison for killing aspiring rapper -The Morning Call

Security guard gets lowest possible sentence in fatal Allentown club shooting -The Express-Times

Contrary to local media accounts that continue to purposefully depart from reality regarding what really happened, an all-white jury did not believe that Michael Randolph “forced” his way into the North End Republican Club on April 29, 2012; they did not believe that Randolph “tussled” with Gesslein; they did not believe that Michael Randolph “reached” for a gun; and they did not believe that Andrew Gesslein shot Michael Randolph in self-defense. The jury believed the prosecution’s highly credible witnesses and the autopsy physician who all testified that Michael Randolph was shot in the back, multiple times, as he was running away from Andrew Gesslein.

But apparently you know better? Even with surveillance video, four credible witnesses, the timing of it all, and common sense supporting the jury’s just verdict, you had the audacity to parrot Gesslein defense attorney James Martin Connell's un-believed spin and the local media's sensational lies, that is, "forced," "tussled," "reached," etc., from the bench yesterday. Obviously, you were formulating your own verdict, when you should have been listening to the sworn testimony the jury based their correct verdict on.

Tragically, I counted six shots that you fired with malice into the backs of the Randolph family in open court yesterday …

1. “If Andrew Gesslein had been a police officer he would not have even been charged.” Related Story

2. “The victim and shooter couldn’t be more different.”
Related Story

3. “So let's not say Mr. Randolph was this wonderful person, because he was not.”

4. “I’m ‘handcuffed’ by the law” (to impose a mandatory minimum 5-year state prison sentence).

5. “I will recommend that Andrew Gesslein be sent to a minimum-security facility.”

6. “Martin Luther King Jr. said, ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’”

So, Judge Steinberg … your “Honor” … apparently you believe that Michael Randolph got what he deserved, eh? That's sad.

FYI: you lost, because we handcuffed you and Luksa and Martin;  too bad we couldn’t have muzzled you as well. You should have kept your hateful opinions to yourself instead of “getting them off your chest” in open court.

You need to apologize publicly to the Randolph family and the Commonwealth and step down from the bench immediately.

You’re a disgrace to jurisprudence and humanity.


Bill Villa
[Emailed to Judge Steinberg]


An all-white jury didn't give them the not guilty verdict they wanted, so now Team Martin/Steinberg/Morning Call is considering simply changing the rules so they can set a confessed and convicted killer free. 

See: Guard jailed for killing rapper appeals conviction -The Morning Call "newspaper"

See Security guard appeals conviction for fatal Allentown club shooting -The Express-Times

Monday, May 27, 2013

We can do better than creepy cyber troll and sadist Father Alex Joseph as a Catholic priest

[UpDated Today] Although he's been living and allegedly studying for 9 years at Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Seminary in Washington DC [offline again after not paying their delinquent website bill it appears], curiously, recently ordained Catholic priest (for now) and Easton PA native Father Alex Joseph has somehow found the time to remain a 24/7 obsessive-compulsive blog commenter at numerous hate blogs in The Morning Call "newspaper" affiliated Lehigh Valley blogosphere. Frequently, Father Alex Joseph posts blog comments incoherently and ghoulishly as himself at 3:00am and other un-Godly hours, but just as often his blog comments are anonymous or veiled behind a dizzying array of provocative yet inexplicable fake name pseudonyms including "The Efficient Cause," "A Man in the Circle," "An Exorcist," "Aquinas kind of," "The Mad Monk," and "The Village Idoti." Disgracefully and blasphemously, omnipresent Lehigh Valley blogger Father Alex Joseph refers to himself as "Sanctifying Grace" in his rambling and impious online blogger profile.

Why, in God's name, would a 'man of the cloth' so regularly and giddily cyber-cavort w/ hate bloggers of the ilk of Mike Molovinsky, Chris Casey, Michael Donovan, Bill White, Jeff Pooley, Rolf Oeler and others who continuously perpetrate sadistic cruelty, dishonesty, fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, blog comment forgery and wrongful/malicious comment attribution and cover-up, illegal conduct, and conduct in area courtrooms that has been prejudicial to the administration of justice and amounts to moral turpitude?

God only knows why some misguided Catholic priests do the truly evil things they do.

For example, on January 7, 2010, in a flat-out lie that continues to be libelously perpetuated and published all over the Lehigh Valley blogosphere, Father Alex Joseph publicly claimed that I punched him in the stomach in the Northampton County Courthouse. Readers (and stalkers) ... nothing even remotely resembling a "forearm (or elbow) to the gut" ever took place and I swear on my daughter Sheena's ashes that Father Alex Joseph is lying--slanderously, and sadistically--about this non-happening that includes me allegedly being "escorted from the courthouse by sheriff's deputies." Never happened.

As longtime LVS readers and stalkers know, over the past 5 years, Morning Call-affiliated hate bloggers have launched numerous websites dedicated to provoking, criminally harassing, and emotionally torturing my grief-stricken family and me for our "sin" of speaking truth to power. Many of these hate blogs (and their "anonymous" commenters) routinely threaten physical violence against the Villa family as Lehigh County District Attorney James B. Martin purposefully looks the other way and endorses their malice albeit unsuccessfully. Shamefully, Father Alex Joseph has weighed in w/ comments of support ... for the hate blog author ... at nearly all of them, frequently fabricating additional sadistic deceit and misrepresentation about Sheena's family and our justice mission.

"Good luck on your venture. Let me know if I can help in any way." Peace, ~~Alex See commenter "The Village Idoti" [Alex Joseph] November 15, 2009 1:02am

I've reached out, repeatedly, via emails and phone messages, to Father Alex Joseph's superior, Chorbishop Seely Beggiani, requesting, humbly, that Father Alex Joseph please stop his slanderous lies and sadistic provocations against my grieving family. I've never gotten a response or even an acknowledgement of email receipt from him. But as recently as January 2, 2013, I've continued to receive additional taunting emails from Father Alex Joseph. They contained no subject heading, but upon opening, the text read (and I'm paraphrasing), "Do not open, this email contains a virus." 

Creepily, Father Alex Joseph's Washington DC Comcast Cable Internet Protocol (IP) address* is spotted on this blog's SiteMeter and StatCounter, repeatedly, every day, at all hours of the day and night, most recently at 5:31:12am on May 29, 2013 (as of the time of this writing). Not coincidentally, six minutes later, at 5:37am on May 29, this "anonymous" hate blog comment appeared in the Lehigh Valley blogosphere ...

Anonymous said...
That poor bastard at his hate blog is making fun of Father Alex. Boy if he only knew. He couldn't even buy a clue because he is filled with hate. His hatred has blinded him. I kind of feel bad and pity for the old sap. The Blog Mentor's good looks and mind are leaving him. And now no one takes him seriously. He is down to picking on priests. What a sorry life one leads ... 5:37 AM

Shouldn't a Catholic priest have better things to do than posting "anonymous" and stalking hate blog comments at 5:37am and flocking w/ cyber bullies hell-bent on inflicting emotional pain on already suffering people? But sadly, this appears to be Father Alex Joseph's calling ... spraying cyber salt on the wounds of innocents being character assassinated and cyber terrorized by his blogging buddies, and then making a further mockery and endorsement of the sadistic harassment by offering up flippant and faux prayers of advice and compassion in taunting hate blog comments and emails aimed at the victim. Coming from an alleged 'man of God,' this kind of cyber sadism exemplifies pure evil.

As a former Vincentian seminarian studying for the Roman Catholic priesthood myself, my heart breaks for all the dedicated and truly good priests out there who must endure the suspicious glares of parishioners and passers-by because of a minority of evil priests who make the scandalous headlines and get exposed at truth blogs. My opinion is that it's time for the Catholic church to open up the priesthood to pious married men, and women, instead of having to scrape the bottom of the barrel for the likes of Alex Joseph who are destined to burn in hell for eternity.

UpDate: In response to LVS's verifiably factual exposé blog post on Father (for now) Alex Abraham Joseph, regularly manipulated Express-Times "reporter" Colin McEvoy and his "editor" Jim Deegan compliantly attempted damage control for Alex Joseph w/ this puff piece while simultaneously blocking me from commenting at their website but it was already too late. 

UpDate: Coming Soon > Father Alex Joseph stalking LVS 24/7 from his newly assigned parish in Brooklyn. 

TO BE CONTINUED, keep checking back ...

* Some LVS StatMeter(R) Spotlight visitor/stalker "callouts" are based on our savvy, astute, informed, researched, and corroborated opinion. Others we're 100% proof-positive of.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Seeking Charles Cullen Whistleblower

Mon., May 6, 2013 3:29 pm

Subject: Seeking Charles Cullen Whistleblower

Hey Scott, your assistant Maryann called me today and said you couldn't (and wouldn't) discuss Charles Cullen "because those were all homicide cases."

I reminded Maryann that all those Cullen homicide cases have been resolved, criminally and civilly, I believe.

Scott, I'm looking for a Charles Cullen whistleblower-- somebody with a conscience who "was there" (such as yourself) and who wants to see the whole truth get out there on DA Jim Martin,  Paul Laughlin, Stevens & Johnson, Seymour Traub, Arthur Hankin, Isidore Mihalikis, and Judge Reibman, etc., regarding what can reasonably be suspected as proactive litigation and public relations damage control for Lehigh Valley hospitals.

Especially troubling, as you must know, are DA Jim Martin's glaring conflicts of interest regarding both Stevens & Johnson (now Gross McGinley), coupled with DA Martin's decree in the local media that, "I'm the only one who can determine whether there is a conflict of interest ..." -The Morning Call, Families want Martin off Cullen case, July 1, 2004.

In a nutshell, Scott, Lehigh County's handling of the Charles Cullen case,  before and after Cullen's confession in New Jersey, seems to stink to high freakin' heaven.

I'd like to get to the very bottom of it all in a book I am exploring the possibility of writing.

Let me know if you change your mind about opening up to me, and/or if there's someone else you can steer me to.

Thank you for your consideration, Scott.

Friday, May 3, 2013


Readers (and stalkers), it was my great pleasure (for a 2nd time) on Thursday May 2 to address a graduating class of PA Parole Agents, this time at the PA Department of Corrections' training academy in picturesque Elizabethtown.

I was invited to speak by the Office of the Victim Advocate in Harrisburg.

After opening with a brief report on my April 22 meeting with the Allentown parole office, where I presented my plan for sending my daughter Sheena's remorseless and malice-sodden killer Robert LaBarre back to state prison (after discussing how LaBarre is behind in his court-mandated restitution payments to us for Sheena's deathbed hospital bill, still unemployed after 8 months, and lolling in his new daddy-bought house in Bethlehem), I spoke about being a crime victim, about how the local "powers that be" tried to fix the case in favor of my daughter Sheena's connected killer, and how I subsequently (with your help) outmaneuvered them all and made Sheena's killer Robert LaBarre, his army of Gross McGinley attorneys, DA Jim Martin, Judge Steinberg, and the crooked colluding crony local "newspaper" my victims. It went really great. I again spoke for 70 minutes, with lots of Q & A afterwards. The new parole agents could not have been more attentive, inquisitive, shocked (especially by the Jim Martin stuff), and empathetic. I told them that Robert LaBarre's parole agent, who I've developed an excellent working relationship with, had the exact same reaction to my story that they all had. I saw quite a few tears being shed for Sheena as I was speaking and I believe my story made an impact on them. I trust they'll all be keeping their hearts and minds open for crime victims in their new jobs monitoring convicted criminals like Robert LaBarre. 

For more verifiably factual information, read LVS's right sidebar "Exposé Wall Of Shame" content.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mayoral candidate Michael Donovan's cyber scheme to terrorize and silence Bill Villa fails

FEB 3, 2016 UpDate  

Michael Donovan blogged that I have sex with my daughter's corpse and then he repeatedly refused to apologize. Now, Cedar Crest College "ethics" professor Michael Donovan is running for Mayor of Allentown.

Watch revealing and damaging 69 News Report.

"I am just going to let all comments run. They are fun to read …" -Michael Donovan, March 12, 2010 2:25 PM, at his ironically titled blog, "Inclusion."

Incredibly, Michael Donovan still teaches "ethics" (for now) at Allentown's Cedar Crest College. 

To demand that Donovan be fired, contact Carmen Twillie Ambar today.

"I would never apologize ..." -Michael Donovan, March 25, 2010 8:45 PM, at his ironically titled blog, "Inclusion."

Join, follow, and share the discussion at my Facebook page.  

Thursday, April 4, 2013


[UpDated April 9] LVS was there, check back for the inconvenient facts you won't get from our local media. 

In the meantime ...

* Join, follow, and share the discussion at the Justice For Michael Randolph Facebook page and at my Facebook page

* Savor the fact that an exposed DA Jim Martin was hog-tied by citizen pressure and prevented from giving Andrew Gesslein a bargain plea deal

* Read sore loser Team Martin/Gesslein/Morning Call account, by "reporter" Kevin "Cubby" Amerman

* Sore loser "reporter" Bo Koltnow continues 69 News's rabid defense of Andrew "Guilty" Gesslein [Editor's Note: in their final online report, the Dick Dean-owned 69 "News" has finally dialed down their deceitful and inflammatory pro-Gesslein rhetoric]

* Sore loser Express-Times "reporter" Gregg Bortz passionately reiterates dim bulb defense attorney James Martin Connell's case apparently hoping he can change the jury's verdict

... and keep checking back for LVS's report.

April 7 LVS Report on April 4 GUILTY verdict 

In their pathetic, race-baiting reports on Andrew Gesslein's April 4 GUILTY verdict, our local media continues to flat-out lie. They've fabricated a big (and totally phony) deal about the courtroom crowd's reaction to the jury's GUILTY verdict, braying that "cheers" and "shouting" and "clapping" had to be quieted by Judge Steinberg, and that increased security measures had to be "deployed," including an additional metal detector at the courtroom entrance and that "at least 15 deputy sheriffs" surrounded the (now picture unruly and mostly African-American) courtroom crowd. What a crock of cracker shit. I was there. When the GUILTY verdict was read, the dominant sound emanating from the mostly African-American crowd was that of air being gasped inward, immediately followed by the sounds of crying being suppressed. If anyone "over-reacted" here it was Judge Steinberg in his knee-jerk muzzling of a quite natural and understandable expression of RELIEF (and shock) by the friends and family of Michael Randolph who had waited patiently and peaceably for nearly a year for this moment. Shame on Judge Steinberg. And Stonewall Steinberg got even more shameful a few minutes later when he arrogantly and defiantly and provocatively decreed that convicted killer and flight risk Andrew Gesslein could remain free on his ridiculously low bail until his sentencing on June 11, instead of ordering one of the many loitering deputy sheriffs to cuff Andrew Gesslein and throw his convicted GUILTY ass in Lehigh County Prison where it belongs to await sentencing on June 11. Amazingly, the crowd somehow remained silent during Judge Steinberg's sore loser sucker punch. Not surprisingly, our local media made no mention of the crowd's miraculous restraint and grace. 

Our local media also continues to deploy words including "forced" and "barged" and "bum rush" to deceitfully describe how Michael Randolph and his friends entered the North End Republican Club that fateful night-- always purposefully failing to quote Miguel Gomes's eyewitness testimony that Randolph and his friends had entered on Gomes's heels, that is, more like "slipping in" or "sneaking in" behind Gomes. Big difference. 

Our local media also continues to perpetuate the myths that there was a physical "tussle" between Michael Randolph and his friends and Andrew GUILTY Gesslein, never mentioning that only demonstrated liar Andrew Gesslein claims an alleged "tussle" and that Michael Randolph was "reaching" for a gun that wasn't there.  

As I was exiting the Lehigh County Courthouse on April 4, and passing through the turnstile-like devices in the lobby, in the company of numerous relatives and supporters of Michael Randolph, all of whom were behaving like the regular citizens they are, I overheard one of at least a half-dozen more deputy sheriffs who was standing behind the entrance desk quizzically and confusedly ask the deputy sheriff standing next to him ... 

"Is THIS the crowd we're here to protect against?" 

Kudos to the courageous and fair-minded all white jury who saw through all the racist and hateful Lehigh County bullshit and found Andrew Gesslein GUILTY.

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* Back Story (additionally, see LVS trial update reports of April 2 & April 3)

* Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski visits LVS


Photo Credit: Andrew Gesslein & James Martin Connell, by Donna Fisher